What is Cyber Monday?

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Cyber Monday is a commercial holiday that takes place celebrated only for one day and that always corresponds to the Monday following Thanksgiving. It is always the first Monday after Black Friday.

What is the origin of Cyber Monday?

Its origin dates back to 2005 in the United States, where it was celebrated for first time in many online shops. Due to its great success, it has been repeated until reaching other countries. The idea was that the festivity was used to increase purchases on the Internet, an activity that was beginning to become general at that time on the other side of the pond, but that had not yet been installed in our country.

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During "Cyber Monday", the businesses that celebrate it, especially online stores (hence the "Cyber "), make available to their customers a special catalog of super discounted products (authentic "bargains"), just three days after the expected Black Friday. It could be said that, in its origins, this celebration within online commerce meant a "second chance" for those furthest behind

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