How to choose the correct size

So that you have the best shopping experience, at Brands Democracy we provide you with size guides so that you don't have any surprises when you receive your purchase.

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Step 1
As you probably already know, sizing charts differ by region and brand. Precisely for this reason, the safest option is to know the exact size of your feet in centimeters. For the first step, you need a blank sheet of paper, a ruler, and a writing instrument.

Step 2
Place both feet at the same time on the sheet of paper. Make sure that the sole is perfectly stretched and that the sheet has been placed on a hard surface. It is preferable to wear a pair of socks that you will wear with your new pair of sneakers. Make a mark on the heel and longest toe of each foot.

Step 3
Measure the distance between the marks on the ruler. The legs are never the same length, so the "standard" will be the longest leg. The morning is the best time to take the measurement (the foot tends to swell during
the day).

Step 4
Depending on the number of centimeters resulting from this measurement, add 5 millimeters to ensure that your foot sits comfortably and easily in the next pair of shoes. Orient yourself in the size table by
the proportion in centimeters and choose the appropriate one.